Cute Mermaid Coloring Pages Free Printable (PDF)

Mermaid coloring pages are a great relaxation tool for kids and adults alike. But coloring pictures is not only relaxing, but also fun and lets you get creative in many ways. I have drawn a few mermaid coloring pages for children and adults to go with this website, which you can download as PDF documents for free. Have fun coloring!

Easy Mermaid Coloring Pages

Little Mermaid

Ausmalbild von kleiner Meerjungfrau die schwimmt

Lying Mermaid

liegende Meerjungfrau Ausmalbild

Swimming Mermaid

schwimmende Meerjungfrau Ausmalbild

Print the mermaid coloring pages as a PDF file

You can easily print the coloring pages as follows:

  • Click on the picture or the button below the picture to open a new window with the PDF document.
  • Either click directly on the printer symbol in the upper right corner to print the picture.
  • Or click on “save document” in the upper right corner to download the image to your computer and print it later.

Creative ideas for mermaid coloring pages

Whether you use crayons, wax crayons, markers, watercolors or others totally depends on your own preferences. Coloring pages can be colored in many creative ways. Interesting ways to turn the pictures into something special could be, for example, using pastel highlighters or other pastel pencils, with which you can create beautiful soft gradients. Another option is to use meatallic pens or glitter pens.

For children, it can also be a fun exercise to pick and combine special and unusual patterns and colors for the mermaids. After all, not all mermaids have red hair and a green Mermaid tail like Arielle.

Furthermore, the background can be designed to your liking. Is the mermaid in the blue sea, on the beach or maybe somewhere else entirely?

Coloring pages relax you and can reduce stress

Anyone who has ever colored a picture probably knows how relaxing it can be to concentrate on a beautiful coloring page and fill it with the most beautiful colors.

Interestingly, science confirms just that. There are many studies that show that coloring pages can relax you and reduce stress. For example, studies (like this one and this one) showed that university students felt less stressed and anxious when they colored patterns or mandalas for relaxation.

Coloring can be a real time-out for the brain. Most of us spend a lot of time in front of screens and are thus exposed to a constant stream of information and external stimulation. There, coloring offers a great way to slow down a bit.

In fact, coloring is often described as a kind of mindfulness exercise, that is, a way to get in a meditative state in which you can fully concentrate on the creative coloring in the here and now: Feeling the pencils as they follow the patterns on the paper, seeing the colors, concentrating on painting along the lines and shapes, not overpainting, and so on. Coloring thus has the power to shift our attention away from all the thoughts in our heads to the experience of painting. This holds especially for pages with a lot of detail any many paterns.

In fact, it has also been shown that the breathing slows down and becomes deeper when you color. This results in more oxygen reaching the brain and a more relaxed state overall.

Most studies show the greatest effectiveness when you color regularly. So a good reason to color in coloring pages more often instead of watching TV, surfing on social media etc. And if they also involve mermaids, all the better:D

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