A Mermaid Font With Tails (Free Download)

When looking for a Mermaid font with tails, I could not find any cute, free versions online. That’s why I made my own. You can download it for free on this page.

What does the mermaid tails font look like?

This font has small, black mermaid tails on every single letter. Generally, it is cute and flowy and has separate letters so that the tails can be visible on each individual letter.

The font includes all lower and uppercase letters of the English alphabet (no numbers). Here you can see what each letter looks like:

While some other mermaid fonts use swashes with bigger tails that take up a lot of space, I wanted to create a cute font that is more versatile and can be used for (almost) anything. That’s why I decided on small tails and made the letters non-cursive while still having a flowy feel.

With this font, you don’t need special programs like photoshop, InDesign etc. just to open the tails (like on many fonts with swashes). Anyone can easily open it directly and start typing away.

Download the free mermaid tails font

Here is the download button. When you click on it, a .zip file with the mermaid tail font will be automatically downloaded to your browser.

After downloading it, you will find the file in the download folder on your computer. From there you can extract it and click on the OpenType TT file named “Mermaid-Tail”.

To add the font to your computer, you simply click on the “Install” button in the file:

You can of course also easily upload it to online programs like Canva or Adobe Express and use it for your designs from there.

Why use a font with tails?

Even though there are many free mermaid fonts out there, it’s not easy to find one with tails. Mermaid tails are the lower bodies of mermaids. When talking about fonts, we usually only refer to the fluke, which is the propelling part at the end of the tail.

Putting the whole tail from the waist to the tip including the scales and all details would be a bit too much for a small font 🙂 But the small flukes can definitely give a font an extra element of elegance or cuteness.

What you can use the font for

You can use the font for anything non-commercial. Any project or design that needs a little mermaid magic.

Some ideas are happy birthday cards, letters or postcards from a beach holiday, your own wall art with a cute mermaid or ocean quote or saying, invitation cards, mermaid fan art, etc.


Only personal, non-commercial use of the font is allowed. If you want to upload or distribute it on other websites, you have to link back to this page and give appropriate credit!

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