Easy & Cute Mermaid Paper Crafts – Free Printables

Here you find free mermaid paper crafts templates for children. You can download the templates for free to implement cute mermaid (and merman) craft ideas for kid’s parties or any other occasion.

Mermaid Paper Craft Template Printables

Below you will find all mermaid printables. To make a mermaid, a torso and a mermaid fin must be printed out and glued together. In addition, there is mermaid jewelry to decorate.

Mermaid Upper Body Templates

Mermaid Template With Long Hair

This mermaid has very long hair.

Mermaid Template With Ponytail

This mermaid has a ponytail with hair tie or topknot.

Mermaid Template With Curls

This mermaid has short curly hair.

Mermaid Template with Bangs

This mermaid has bangs and long hair.

Merman Template

Here you can find a mullet man with short hair. This template can only be used with the male fin template, because it is narrower than the others. You can find the fin a bit further down.

Mermaid Fins Templates

Here you will find three different mermaid fin templates and one merman fin.

Wide Mermaid Fins Template

This fin has a realtively wide fin that looks somewhat like the fin of some mermaid fins for swimming.

Round Mermaid Fins Template

This fin has a rounder, curved fin.

Pointed Mermaid Fins Template

The third fin has a relatively pointed fin that looks something like Ariel’s fin.

Merman Fins Template

This template is for the merman template. It only fits the male top because it has a slightly different, narrower shape than the mermaid fins.

Mermaid Jewelry Templates

Here you will find four pieces of jewelry to decorate the mermaids. They are shells, a starfish and a sea snail shell.

These I have added twice in small and once in large on the sheet. The small ones fit well as hair ornaments in the hair of the mermaids and the large ones can either be cut out so additional or also given to the mermaids in the hand.

How to craft the mermaids?

You can either print all the parts or choose only the ones you want to use. It is best to use thicker paper or cardboard for printing.

Printing the PDF

The parts can easily be printed as a PDF. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Click the “Download the PDF” button and on the new page that opens, click “Print” or “Download” in the upper right corner.
  • Print out the pages.

Mermaid crafting instruction

The procedure of crafting consists of a few simple steps.

  1. Cut out a torso, a mermaid tail, and some shell jewelry.
  2. Under the torso is an area for gluing (dashed line). The mermaid tail is glued on there.Demonstration wie man die Meerjungfrau Vorlage zusammenklebt
  3. Finally, the mermaid can be colored.
  4. As a last step, you can glue a shell or a starfish on the hair, in the mermaid’s hand or somewhere else and paint them as well.

Tips for coloring

You can paint the mermaids with all kinds of colors. Whether crayons, markers, watercolors, etc. Another cute option is to glue some sparkling crafting stones onto the mermaids.

Using the templates as mermaid stencils

When crafting with fabric, you usually need a template so you can mark the outline of the shapes you want to cut out of the fabric with a pencil on the fabric.

You can also do this in the same way if you want to use, for example, thick colored cardboard in different colors, on which you can not print directly. Or if you want to have the hair of the mermaid in another color of cardboard (e.g. glitter cardboard).

Below I’ll explain how you can use my templates for these purposes.

Mermaid fin template

You can easily cut out the mermaid fins and place them on the fabric or cardboard to trace the outline. In the next step, cut out the fabric or cardboard and continue working with it.

Mermaid stencil

If you want to use the whole mermaid craft template as a template, there are several steps involved depending on how many individual pieces you want to use. The fin, as mentioned, you can simply cut out. If you want to use the torso in some sort of fabric or cardboard color, you can do the same.

But it’s probably nicer to cut out the mermaid’s hair and top in other colors and then put them back together. If you want to do it this way, you can easily cut out the parts you need individually from the template.

So you print out the top several times and cut out once only the hair, once the top and once the torso itself (with head and arms).

Using the Mermaid Templates as Coloring Pages

Alternatively, the templates can simply be used as coloring pages.

For example, you can print out the mermaid fins individually and paint them as you like. Since no scales are drawn in yet, you can give free rein to your creativity.

A nice idea is also to paint the fin with watercolors and then cut it out. So you can create, for example, a colorful fin in beautiful water optics. You can also splash a few colourful or white dots on the tail (e.g. using an old toothbrush). This creates a beautiful effect that can look like a starry sky.

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