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Mermaid parties are more popular than ever. So, of course, you need a matching mermaid invitation. I have created a few mermaid invitation cards in shell form, which you can download and print here for free.

The seashell card has two sides and can be unfolded. Once I have a card with a ready design and once one to design yourself.

You can easily print the cards here as a PDF. If you want, you can also combine the two designs.

Crafting the shell mermaid invitation

The shell card is like a small treasure that you can open and find there the secret messages of the mermaids: In this case, an invitation!

As I said, I have made two versions. One is already colored and ready designed and the other can be designed yourself. So there is something for everyone, whether it should go quickly or the cards should be personalized.

The shell card consists of two sides. Once the outside with the shell design and secondly the inside, in which the text is written.

Colorful shell cards with text and mermaid

Small size

Big size

White shell cards to design yourself

Small size

Big size

Instructions for the shell card

You can also print this card on either white paper or white cardboard, although it is better to use thick paper. However, you can also print the white card to make yourself on colored paper if you like.

Printing the seashell invitation cards

  • Click on the button “Download PDF” or on the respective image. Then, on the page that pops up, click “Print” or “Download” in the top right corner.
  • Print out the shells you want to use for crafting.

Crafting the seashell invitation cards

  • Now you can cut out the front and back of the shell card. To do this, carefully cut along the edges of the shell.
  • Then you can, depending on which variant you have chosen, paint the front according to your taste and write your own invitation text on the back or add it to the text.
  • Fold the outside of the card once and cut the two sides apart.
  • Then you glue the two parts of the outside from the outside to the inside of the card. You can use a glue stick or something similar for this. Take care when gluing that you put both parts exactly on top of each other so that one side does not protrude.
  • Now you can fold the shell card at the designated place and thus close the shell.

Adding text to the pre-printed text

If you chose the card with the text, you can add it as follows:

  • In the circle comes the age and in the appropriate place the name of the birthday child / the inviter to party.
  • In “When” first comes the date in the form 11.11.11 and then the time in the form 11 or 11:30 clock in.
  • In “Where” you can put the address where the party will be held or where to meet.
  • If you want you can write more information about it.

Ideas for your own design of the mermaid invitation

If you decide to design the seashell mermaid invitation yourself, you have many options to get creative. You can work more naturally with crayons, markers, watercolors or other colors. Furthermore, you can also use decorations such as glitter powder or small stones, etc..

Another idea would be to stick a photo of the birthday mermaid inside the card to have an even more personal invitation. Or a photo of the invited mermaid. This way you would have a little passport right away to get into the party.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Use a seashell card as a stencil

If you like, you can also use my seashell templates as a stencil to transfer the outlines onto fabric, cardstock or other craft materials, for example.

For example, you could also craft the outside of the card out of colorful soft fabric and take the inside out of paper to write the invitation in there.

Ordering mermaid invitations online

It should be noted, of course, that you can also order mermaid invitations online if you can not print them yourself and are willing to spend money on them.
For example, there are cute cards with mermaids and even cards with mermaid scales available.

What can you invite mermaids to?

You can use the invitation cards, of course, whether you invite them to a normal children’s birthday party or a mermaid party. If you don’t have a concrete idea yet where and how the mermaid party should take place, I have collected a few ideas for you here.

To turn a party into a mermaid party, you can of course provide appropriate decorations and mermaid snacks. But also for the entertainment, there are different possibilities. I have listed a few things that can be done together:

  • Color mermaid coloring pages
  • Craft mermaids or make mermaid jewelry
  • Watch a mermaid movie
  • Dress up as mermaids
  • Apply Mermaid makeup
  • Have a mermaid class day at a swimming pool and learn mermaiding together. Some pools offer courses and also birthday parties, where you can usually also borrow the mermaid fins
  • Take a mermaid shoot. There are offers from photographers and some mermaid schools where you can put on a tail and have beautiful photos taken
  • Do a mermaid garden party in the summer. Maybe with a small pool or water slide, etc.

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