How to Become a Mermaid!?

On the Internet you can find many instructions on how to become a mermaid with the help of simple rituals like touching water in the moonlight. Unfortunately, all these methods do not work, as sad as this is. However, there is an alternative to becoming a mermaid!

You become a mermaid by putting on a mermaid tail and going into the water. When you swim in the water with your mermaid tail on, you not only look like a real mermaid, but you feel like one too.

What I am describing is called mermaiding or mermaid swimming. Below I explain how to get started to become a mermaid.

How to become a mermaid?

Young woman with mermaid fin on a dock by the water
You don’t have to be enchanted by some witch, drink a potion or touch water in the moonlight or swim in the sea. It is much easier.

To become a mermaid yourself, it takes 3 steps:

    1. Purchase a mermaid tail
    2. Find a swimming pool where you can swim
    3. Practice a bit

The mermaid fin is, of course, the most important part. Because what is a mermaid without a mermaid tail!? 😀

If you don’t like swimming or can’t swim, maybe that’s enough for your transformation. After all, it all depends on what feels best for you!

But to feel like a real mermaid in the underwater world, I can only recommend to try Mermaiding (mermaid swimming).

Moving underwater as if weightless and as powerful as a mermaid makes the whole experience much more intense and real.

To turn into a mermaid you need a mermaid tail

The first step, as mentioned, is acquiring a mermaid tail.

Mermaid tails come in various price ranges. The spectrum ranges from rather inexpensive beginner tails, to slightly more expensive higher quality products, to custom silicone tails that often cost several thousand dollars.

The best beginner tails are sets of monofins with a cloth tail as well as mermaid monofins.


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Find a place to swim with the mermaid tail

To be able to use the your tail, you must of course first find a swimming pool or something similar, where you can swim with it.

It is, mostly for safety reasons, unfortunately not allowed in all swimming pools to wear a monofin or mermaid tail.

Therefore, you should inquire about a suitable place beforehand.

There is, however, something you certainly need to consider before you start looking for a suitable swimming venue:

  • The most important thing is that you can swim well!
  • You should carry out the first swimming attempts only under supervision of lifeguards or preferably the first time in a mermaid swimming course.

If you meet these two requirements, nothing really stands in the way of your mermaid existence.

Learn to swim like a mermaid

To really feel like a real mermaid, you should learn mermaiding. That is, swimming underwater using the typical wave-like mermaid swimming style.

Here you can see what it looks like in a video by Mermaid Melissa, a professional mermaid:


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You can either teach yourself how to mermaid or you can take a mermaid swim course at the beginning. These are offered in many cities and you can learn everything important in a few hours and even exchange thoughts with other new mermaids.

Everyone can become a mermaid

So, as you can see, it’s not that hard to become a real mermaid. It doesn’t matter how old you are (as long as you can swim safely), whether you are female or male etc. Anyone can become a mermaid, a merman or a  merperson!

One of the great things about mermaiding is the open mermaid community. The many other mermaids help make you feel even more like a real mermaid.


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While swimming, and also online, you can connect to the many other enthusiastic mermaids.

Here I’ve compiled a list of inspiring mermaids on Instagram that you can check out to get an overview of the community.

Here you can also find a great documentary that follows three mermaids and shows what it means to them to be a mermaid.

Especially in the US there is a real mermaid subculture! In this world there are mermaid meetings, conventions, mermaid swimming competitions, tail-making studios and much more to discover.

Turning yourself into a mermaid is much more than just dressing up. It is the immersion in a secret, magical world, which everyone can create for themselves. As well as a very special feeling of oneness with the water and all sea creatures.

And last but not least, a feeling of physical strength. Because mermaid swimming is a real sport. Not only certain muscles are built. Your ability to hold your breath underwater will also improve if you practice this over and over again.

And the mermaiding itself is incredibly fun!

In addition, mermaids embody a fascinating grace like few other mythical creatures. By learning the graceful, flowing movements under water, a whole new body feeling can be gained, through which, among other things, self-confidence can also be strengthened.

Underwater photo shootings are another one of the many possibilities to experience yourself as a mermaid.

Of course, this is not to say that this is not the right sport for boys and men. On the contrary! This is proven by all the mermen who are already into about this hobby.

I hope this helps you to understand how to become a mermaid and how to actually start your transformation. Have fun in the mermaid world!

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