24 Cheesy and Cute Mermaid Pick Up Lines

Mermaids are known to be stunningly beautiful, sweet and enchanting. So what better way than to call your crush a mermaid/merman/merperson while flirting with them.

It might not only make them feel special but also show that you are creative because not many people use mermaid pick-up lines!

Feel free to adjust the pick-up lines to the gender of the person you want to talk to. Instead of “mermaid”, you can say “merman” or “merperson” if you are not talking to a girl.

Mermaid pick up lines

Calling the person you want to pick up a mermaid:

  1. Are you a mermaid? Because your waves swept me off of my feet.
  2. I don’t know why they named starfish like that. Because you are the real star of the ocean.
  3. Are you a mermaid? Because I can see the sea sparkle in your eyes.
  4. I hope you aren’t a siren because I think that I’m falling under your spell.
  5. You must be a mermaid because you make me feel like I’m underwater and can’t breathe.
  6. You have the eyes of a mermaid. Deep like the ocean.
  7. I feel sorry that the ocean lost its biggest beauty but I am glad that I met you.
  8. You are like a mermaid. The more you talk, the more enchanted I get.
  9. Are you a mermaid? Because your mind seems profound like the ocean.
  10. Do you ever get tired from swimming through my thoughts all night – as that beautiful mermaid you are?
  11. I think we mer-maid for each other.
  12. Are you a mermaid? Because you swam directly into my heart.
  13. I see you like water. I knew you must have been a mermaid judging by how beautiful you are.
  14. Are you a mermaid? Because I feel the strong urge to catch you in my net.
  15. You must be a mermaid. You move so elegantly through the water.
  16. You just convinced me that mermaids are real. I have never seen someone so beautiful before.
  17. If you were a mermaid I’d swim all over the ocean to meet you again.
  18. Can you teach me how to swim? Because you look like a mermaid in the water.
  19. Are you a mermaid? Because you glow like a pearl.
  20. Something is fishy about you. It’s not that you are a mermaid. But the fact that you are not my girlfriend.

More mermaid pick-up lines:

  1. I hope you can hold your breath because I want to show you my world.
  2. Please, call me on my shell phone.
  3. Do you know what the Little Mermaid and I have in common? We both want to be part of your world.
  4. I would give my voice and mermaid tail away for a chance to be with you.

Some images for the mermaid pick-up-lines

mermaid pick up line on an ocean background
Are you a mermaid? Because your waves swept me off of my feet.

mermaid pick up line on a beach background
I don’t know why they named starfish like that. Because you are the real star of the ocean.

mermaid pick up line on an background with sparkling sea algae in the waves
Are you a mermaid? Because I can see the sea sparkle in your eyes.

Why even use mermaid pick-up lines?

First of all, it is something different than the usual pick-up lines. And most girls like being called a mermaid.

Mermaids are mythological beings with the upper body of a woman and a fishtail. The earliest mermaid myth stems from Assyria (modern Syria) and dates back to 1000 B.C. Since then, mermaids have fascinated people on all continents because of their mysterious and beautiful aura.

Mermaids carry a lot of meaning regarding beauty and love

If you call a girl or a woman a mermaid you are practically calling her a goddess of the ocean who represents the flow and power of the element of water.

It is no wonder that the water is traditionally a female element, as it not only is the source of life but also often the source of pure beauty.

For example, in ancient Greece, the sea nymphs were known as the most beautiful of all the gods.

Just like their looks, their singing voices are equally as beautiful. It can however turn out to be dangerous as well (but this mostly goes back to the sirens from Greek mythology).

Mermaids are also often a symbol of love. Many stories tell how men and mermaids fall in love.

This is probably one of the biggest associations people nowadays have with mermaids because of how Ariel fell in love with the prince in the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

So, when you call someone a mermaid, this usually carries a much deeper meaning other than that they have a tail.

It most probably will make them think of the beauty, singing, mystery, love, captivating self and maybe even seductiveness of mermaids.

So pretty much the perfect figure to compare a girl you like to in a pick-up line. Since pick-up lines usually draw on first impressions, the beauty of the mermaids can be the main comparison point, if that is what you are trying to express.

A mermaid is a good analogy for ocean lovers and swimmers

These pick-up lines might be especially fitting for people who love the ocean in general and like to swim, dive, snorkel or even do mermaid swimming etc.

So why not try them out at the beach or pool?

It’s also a cute way to greet your mermaid friends or to comment on their social media with.

You can also check out my post on mermaid puns for more inspiration.

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