The 12 Best Free Mermaid Fonts

In this article, I will show you a list of free mermaid fonts that are perfect for any mermaid design project.

Check out these mysterious, flowy fonts!

1. Beauty Mermaid font

The Beauty Mermaid font is definitely one of my favorites because of just how flowy and smooth it is.

You can easily imagine a mermaid elegantly gliding through the ocean, joyfully taking aesthetic turns in the water – that’s the level of beauty and calmness this font radiates.

2. Anyer Beach font

Another flowy, cursive font is Anyer Beach. This font is named after a beach in Indonesia which is located at the late 18th-century coastal town of Anyer.

The font is just as fascinating as the history of this old maritime town. After becoming one of the most important and bustling coastal towns of that time, Anyer was suddenly completely destroyed by a giant, 100-foot-high tsunami in 1883.

A bit eerie to think about. But this story perfectly describes both the beauty and wrath of the ocean – something that mermaids are often used as a symbol for.

3. Port Fairy font

While a bit harder to read, the Port Fairy font is absolutely captivating. This option is wonderful for when you want to give your text that little bit of extra whimsical energy. Looking at this font makes me think of beautiful water fairies that dance in the white waves.

What I especially like about this font is that its strokes look just like small waves on the ocean.

Looking at the text is almost like you are being hypnotized by a beautiful mermaid song while you see the ocean waves dance in front of your eyes.

4. Athena of the Ocean font

The font Athena of the Ocean instantly makes me think of the ocean goddesses that mermaids are. The name Athena actually refers to the greek goddess of battle strategy and wisdom.

The font reflects these characteristics thanks to the combination of the clean, upright typeface with subtle decorations that add depth.

This would be my go-to font for accentuating the ancient heritage of mermaids and their stories – which also originated in ancient Greece.

5. Little Mermaid font

Have you ever wondered which font is used in Disney’s iconic The Little Mermaid movie? The short answer is, you cannot buy the font directly from Disney but there are a few free options that are just as pretty. This one is the Little Mermaid font by Kustren.

You can read more on the Little Mermaid Fonts in my dedicated article.

6. Starfish font

The Starfish font just exudes fun and beach vibes. It is perfect for mermaid designs for children and for lighthearted vacation purposes.

Starfishes are one of the mermaids’ best friends for a reason!

7. B Beach Ocean font

Being bold, the Beach Ocean font looks quite different from the previous options. The artsy stroke patterns, let some light shine through and give the text an effortless, light appearance.

I think it is perfect for watercolor art and other creative mermaid projects.

8. Mermaid Tails font

The mermaid tail font is a font I made myself when I noticed that there are not many free fonts with such cute mermaid tails.

You can download my mermaid tails font for free on this article.

9. Ocean Sunshine font

The Ocean Sunshine font is another beautifully flowy font. Its clear letters and thickness make it pop especially well.

It also predestines it to be a good option for printing designs and for creating any text you want to be both easily readable and flowy at the same time.

10. Vanilla Mermaid font

For some reason, the Vanilla Mermaid font makes me think of dangerous sirens – the evil sisters of the mermaids.

The thin strokes and the big variation in letter size give this option an especially artsy touch. It is perfect for conveying a sense of mystery and slightly scary beauty.

11. Tails Mermaid font

The Tails Mermaid font also shines with its soft style. In addition, it looks more whimsical than other fonts because of the small, thin tails on the letters.

12. Seaside Wave

The seaside Wave font stands out because of its cute swashes to the left of the capital letters.

They remind me of rolling waves or the curved, wound path in which a mermaid swims through the ocean.

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